First Round of Egypt's Presidential Election a Defeat for the Islamists

(PJ Media)- Barry Rubin - While Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Muhammad Mursi received the most votes in the first round of the Egyptian election, the results were actually a defeat for the Brotherhood and Islamism. Only 44% backed an Islamist candidate, compared to 75% in the parliamentary election, and only 25% voted for the Muslim Brotherhood, compared to 47% in the parliamentary vote. The Brotherhood's victory in the previous elections made them more radical and more arrogant. They mistakenly cast off the cloak of pretended moderation too soon and scared some voters. When Islamists win, they become bolder and more aggressive. Yet the Islamists are still heading for control over Egypt. The parliament, which they run, is going to make the rules and write the constitution.

2012-05-31 00:00:00

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