UN Hijacked Once Again

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) In the wake of the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, Israel expresses its disappointment that once again the UN agenda has been "hijacked" by those espousing a one-sided, anti-Israel political position. Not only is the UN position unhelpful in promoting the peace process, but it actually encourages Palestinian terrorism. The resolution diverts attention from the primary reason for the failure of the Middle East peace process: Palestinian terror. If there were no terrorism, the anti-terrorism fence - that has been proven to enhance the security of Israeli citizens - would not have been built. The UN resolution totally ignores the reasons for the construction of the fence. Israel has the same right as any other country to protect its citizens. Israel appreciates the states - few in number, but superior in quality - that voted against this destructive exercise at the General Assembly. Israel is particularly disappointed by the European stand. Israel is steadfast in its desire for peace and will continue to do everything in its power to achieve progress in that direction.

2004-07-22 00:00:00

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