Dahlan Likely Behind Unrest

(Jerusalem Post) Khaled Abu Toameh - Many Palestinians are convinced that former PA Security Minister Muhammad Dahlan is responsible for the growing pressure on Arafat to implement security and financial reforms. Dahlan has been traveling around Gaza talking before various forums about the need to implement genuine reforms and end corruption. Dahlan - who recently raised eyebrows in Gaza when he purchased one of the city's most expensive villas - has been telling Fatah activists that the time has come to get rid of all the corrupt leaders, including the commanders of the PA security forces and senior officials in Arafat's entourage. Dahlan's outspoken criticism of Arafat has led many Palestinians to believe that he is part of a wider conspiracy orchestrated by the U.S. and Israel to replace Arafat. PA National Security Adviser Jibril Rajoub recently told a Saudi newspaper that Dahlan was an Israeli "collaborator." What is evident is that the anti-corruption drive in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is gaining momentum. However, some Palestinians pointed out that the Fatah gunmen who are pressing for reforms and democracy are the same men who have been acting as judges, juries, and executioners for many years.

2004-07-19 00:00:00

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