Report: PA May Not Survive Arafat's Death

(Jerusalem Post) A plan formulated by Israeli diplomatic and security officials distributed Wednesday forecasts "a state of lawlessness" in the Palestinian territories if and when Arafat passes away. Israel's greatest concern is Arafat's funeral where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are expected to march towards Jerusalem from Ramallah to bury him on the Temple Mount. Israel is considering the possibility of having Arafat buried in Abu Dis, which lies on the northern slope of the Temple Mount. According to security officials, Israel will be blamed regardless of the nature of Arafat's death, and may have to consider sending Arafat for medical treatment abroad if he were to fall ill. Security officials told Army Radio that the West Bank and Gaza will most likely fall to the control of Hamas and other terrorist Palestinian factions, and that the PA will not survive Arafat's death.

2004-07-14 00:00:00

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