Report: Hizbullah Fighters Carrying Out Raids in Syria

(Asharq Al-Awsat-UK) Nadia al-Turki and Yousef Diab - Free Syrian Army (FSA) sources said Tuesday that 20 Hizbullah kill-squads, numbering around 200 fighters, had raided several villages in the al-Qasir region, including Al-Safsafah, Al-Masriyah, Al-Sawadiyah, Mutribah, and Zaytah. FSA Homs commander Col. Qasim Saad al-Din stressed that "these forces arrested 37 Syrians, including women, and also erected roadblocks at the entry point of each of these villages." "We have received information from the villages and from the FSA confirming that they identified them [the Hizbullah fighters] from their accents and clothes, while they were also accompanied by elements speaking Farsi." FSA spokesman Col. Khalid al-Hammoud said, "there are also Iranian specialists present in the northern areas close to the Turkish borders who have set up operation order to intercept the telephone calls of activists and FSA members." He added that "the Hizbullah elements' role is confined to sniper operations, while the Iranian specialists' tasks include training, communication operations and uncovering activists."

2012-05-17 00:00:00

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