Israel's Day of Light

(Washington Post) Richard Cohen- The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the army to alter a section of the security fence that separates Jewish and Palestinian areas of the West Bank to make it less oppressive to the Palestinians. As a statement of principle, it is head and shoulders above anything any other Middle East government would permit - never mind implement. The Israeli Supreme Court agreed that the security fence is necessary. It did not find it to be a mere land grab, as some critics of the fence have charged. It found the fence a practical way of dealing with the reality of Palestinian terrorism. Bear this decision in mind, please, when next someone refers to the Israelis as "Nazis" or otherwise talks about the nation as if it were a thuggish dictatorship. The court said that the "rule of law and individual liberties" required that the fence be moved - and the Israeli government will comply. The early Zionists wanted Israel to be a light unto other nations. The other day, it was.

2004-07-05 00:00:00

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