Hizbullah Spotted Building New Bases

(Daily Star-Lebanon) Nicholas Blanford - Recently uploaded satellite images to the online Google Earth portal reveal what appears to be a Hizbullah military training ground constructed since 2006 in remote hills near Janta in the eastern Bekaa Valley along the border with Syria. Google Earth images also reveal considerable - and surprisingly overt - construction activity in sealed-off Hizbullah security pockets in southern Lebanon, particularly in the hills south of Jezzine. In the Jezzine area, numerous buildings and new roads have appeared in areas sealed off by Hizbullah after the 2006 war. The hills are strategically advantageous with clear overviews of the traditional axes of advance for invading armies from the south. The scale of the activity hints at the enormous efforts Hizbullah has undertaken since the 2006 war to prepare for another conflict with Israel.

2012-05-09 00:00:00

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