Does Pro-Palestinian Have to Mean Anti-Israel?

(Gatestone Institute) Khaled Abu Toameh - Pro-Palestinian groups and individuals in the U.S. and Europe are doing Palestinians an injustice by devoting all their energies only against Israel. There is a feeling in the West Bank and Gaza that most of these groups and individuals are more interested in campaigning against Israel than helping the Palestinians. Being pro-Palestinian does not necessarily mean that one also has to be anti-Israel. The pro-Palestinian camp in the West should raise its voice against violations of human rights and media freedoms under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The pro-Palestinian activists refuse to see that there are executions, arbitrary arrests, and assaults against women and torture in Hamas prisons. They also do not seem to care if the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are brainwashing Palestinian children and filling their minds and hearts with hatred.

2012-05-01 00:00:00

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