The Kuperwasser Assessment of the Palestinian Vision

(Ha'aretz) Yoel Esteron - According to the head of the Military Intelligence research unit, Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser: "The Palestinian vision is a state over all of Palestine. They try to hide that from the world. Certainly from the Israelis....The stages doctrine is repressed, but still valid. The final goal is very clear." "From their point of view, the right of return is a real element and not a pawn in the game." There are some "who think that the goal of 'all of Palestine' is unrealistic. There's a little more flexibility from them about the right of return. But a magnifying glass is needed to see it." Kuperwasser agrees that there is definitely a debate among the Palestinians on what instruments will bring them closer to their goal. There are groups who believe in "only terror." And there is a small minority that believes in political negotiations. "Arafat believes in a combination of terror on both sides of the 'green line' and political negotiations, with an emphasis on international help." In the debate over the nuances of terror, there is no debate among the Palestinians about the morality of terror. Only about its efficacy. Is Arafat himself involved in terror? Kuperwasser shows a visitor a videotape from January 31, a few days after the terror attack on a Jerusalem bus. Arafat enthuses the crowd with rhythmic chants of "a million shaheeds marching to Jerusalem," and his people understand him very well. "What was it Zakariye Zabidi [head of Tanzim in Jenin] said?" quotes Kuperwasser. "When I see Arafat I know what to do."

2004-06-23 00:00:00

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