Tom Friedman's Skewed Vision of Non-Violence

(Huffington Post) Ed Koch - In an April 4 New York Times op-ed article, Tom Friedman endorsed what he designated to be "non-violent resistance by Palestinians" against Israel. He added that Palestinians need to "accompany every boycott, hunger strike or rock they throw at Israel with a map" delineating their territorial demands. I was attacked by "nonviolent" Arab rock throwers while touring the old Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem in 1991. I needed nine stitches. Many Israelis have been badly injured, sometimes permanently maimed, in such "nonviolent" assaults. Last September, Asher Palmer, 25, and his infant son, Yonatan, were killed when "nonviolent" rocks were thrown at their car, causing a fatal crash. Can't we all agree that in the English language, the terms "nonviolent" and "rock throwing" are mutually exclusive? The writer is a former mayor of New York City.

2012-04-11 00:00:00

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