Museum Chronicles Palestinian Violence

(AP/Baltimore Sun) Laurie Copans - A new Israeli exhibit gives visitors a disturbing view of nearly four years of violence with the Palestinians: a female mannequin strapped with an explosives belt, alongside piles of confiscated weapons and documents showing how Palestinian militant groups operate. The museum at the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, just outside Tel Aviv, shows that support for the militants runs deep throughout Palestinian society. In one corner, a light flashes on a wall covered with a picture of the aftermath of a suicide bombing in an Israeli shopping mall. Across the room, Palestinian school notebooks full of praise for suicide bombers and colorful drawings of M-16 assault rifles fill a display case. One wall is covered with official Palestinian maps with "Palestine" written over the area where Israel is located. On another wall, recordings of Palestinian TV broadcasts show Muslim clerics calling for expulsion of the Jews.

2004-06-18 00:00:00

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