Israeli Arabs Credit Fence for Newfound Prosperity

(Jerusalem Post) Matthew Gutman - Since the completion of the security fence in their areas, many Israeli Arab communities have enjoyed a spike in both security and economic activity, as Arabs who once shopped in the West Bank now shop locally. "God be blessed, the fence ended the parade of terrorists through this city and gave us an economic boom and increased security," says Umm el-Fahm City Manager Tawfiq Karaman. In that city, Palestinians casually filtering through from the territories had harassed schoolgirls, stolen cars, and even snatched laundry. "They stole from us as they did from the rest of Israelis," says Karaman. Karaman sees signs of progress: "There are new stores opening up everywhere. We have security, and it is improving relations with our Jewish neighbors." "This phenomenon is occurring across the Arab sector," says Bassam Jabber, editor-in-chief of the Israeli Arab weekly Panorama, including in Nazareth and Taiba.

2004-06-18 00:00:00

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