No Decision on Linking Ariel Fence to Main Fence

(Jerusalem Post) Herb Keinon - Israel has shelved plans to build a double security fence east of Ben-Gurion Airport that would have created an enclave with some 20,000 Palestinians between the two fences. "There will be no Palestinian enclaves," Col. (res.) Danny Tirza, in charge of planning the security fence, said Tuesday. Tirza said that construction work began last week on a fence to the north, south, and east of Ariel. The question of whether to link up this horseshoe with the main fence running along the "green line" has not yet been decided. Since terrorists cannot get into Israel in the North, he said, they are making their bombs in the refugee camps near the main West Bank cities and sending them to Ramallah and then to Jerusalem to be used there or elsewhere inside the "green line." Explaining the decision to build an 82-kilometer fence around Jerusalem, Tirza said that since the beginning of the violence in September 2000 there have been 591 terror attacks in the city, including 29 suicide attacks. These attacks have killed 208 people and wounded 1,624. "Israel cannot live with this level of terror in its capital, and had to do something."

2004-06-16 00:00:00

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