Israel Lauds, Hamas Blasts Bush Call for International Meeting

[Jerusalem Post] Hilary Leila Krieger - Prime Minister Olmert's spokeswoman, Miri Eisin, said that Israel hoped to see the involvement of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Morocco at the international meeting, but played down the mandate of such a gathering, saying that Bush had not called it an international peace conference but rather a regional "meeting" of participants who support the idea of a two-state solution. The purpose of the meeting, she said, was not to come up with a conclusive peace agreement, but rather to bring together those backing a two-state solution to lend support to the sides. Speaking in response to Bush's speech, Hamas spokesman in Gaza Sami el-Zuhri told Al Jazeera on Monday, "President Bush is leading a new crusade against the Palestinians."

2007-07-17 01:00:00

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