Saudis Must Stop Blaming Others

(UPI/Washington Times) Youssef M. Ibrahim - In an extraordinary article published in the Saudi Arabic daily Al Watan, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, a pillar of the Saudi royal family who has served for 21 years as his country's ambassador to Washington, bluntly described Arab and Muslim efforts to combat religious teachings which foster hatred as "feeble." He charged that those who kill so-called "infidels" in the name of Islam have been getting their twisted orientation from leaders at the very top of the Saudi and other Muslim religious establishments. "It has nothing to do with America or Israel or the Christians or Jews," Bandar wrote. "So let us stop these meaningless justifications for what those criminals are doing and let us stop blaming others while the problem comes from within us." A few days ago, the emir of Qatar said that internal reforms in every Arab and Muslim country are imperative and cannot wait for the resolution of external conflicts in Israel, Iraq, or anywhere else.

2004-06-11 00:00:00

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