UN Crews Halt West Bank Reconstruction

(AP/Washington Post) The UN suspended a construction project in Jenin after Palestinian gunmen threatened crews rebuilding houses, a UN official said Thursday. Five Palestinians barged into the UN office in Jenin on Tuesday and opened fire with M-16 and Kalashnikov assault rifles, said Fahri Turkman, a Palestinian lawmaker. It was the third such attack on UN personnel in the past six months. Many residents are complaining that their new houses are not big enough, said Sami Mshasha of UNRWA. At least nine alleyways have been widened to ensure that new homes lining them are not damaged by Israeli armored vehicles in the future, a UN worker said. But Mshasha denied this, saying roads were widened to improve the quality of life in the cramped camp by allowing for two-way traffic and sidewalks.

2004-06-11 00:00:00

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