Iraqi Christians Flee Islamic Republic

(WorldNetDaily) Ken Joseph Jr. - With the failure to receive even one position on the Executive Council and only one ministry post - the Ministry of Emigration - the Christians of Iraq are voting with their feet. "We have been flooded with parishioners desperate to leave the country, and as they cannot get an exit permit without a baptismal certificate from the church, we have been swamped with requests," says Amir, a deacon at a local church. "Our community is being decimated." Most of the Christians in Iraq are Assyrians - the people of Nineveh (present-day Mosul) - the city to which God sent the biblical Jonah, and they still speak Aramaic. "Our women are accosted on the street and intimidated to start dressing according to Islamic tradition. Our businesses are being burned, and the constant harassment is because of the attitude of appeasement toward Muslims," says one priest.

2004-06-11 00:00:00

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