Iran: The Leading State Sponsor of International Terrorism

(Jerusalem Post) Irwin Cotler - There is increasing - and compelling - evidence of Iranian footprints in a series of recent aborted terrorist attacks in India, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Thailand. These attacks constitute a major Iranian escalation in its state sponsorship of international terrorism and in the systematic targeting of diplomatic missions in defiance of preemptory norms of international law. Such an escalation dovetails with the converging Iranian fourfold threat - nuclear, incitement, terrorism, massive domestic repression - and its corresponding incendiary rhetoric which finds increasing expression in the regime's serial use of terrorist violence as a central tenet of its foreign policy. Given the evidence of the escalating Iranian state sponsorship of international terrorism and the increasing targeting of diplomats, all states have the responsibility to invoke the legal, diplomatic, economic and political instruments at their disposal to confront Iranian terrorist aggression. The writer, emeritus professor of law at McGill University, is a former minister of justice and attorney-general of Canada.

2012-03-23 00:00:00

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