The Bomb and the Bomber

(New York Times) Ari Shavit - An Iranian atom bomb will force Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt to acquire their own atom bombs. Sooner or later, this unprecedented development will produce a nuclear event. An Iranian atom bomb will give radical Islam overwhelming influence. Once nuclear, the rising Shiite power will dominate Iraq, the Gulf and international oil prices. It will spread terror, provoke conventional wars and destabilize moderate Arab nations. As Iranian nuclear warheads will jeopardize Israel, they will imperil Europe. For the first time, hundreds of millions of citizens of free societies will live under the shadow of the nuclear might of religious fanatics. For years the West made every possible mistake. The economic sanctions that should have been activated 10 years ago were activated only last year. The crippling sanctions that should have been imposed back in 2005 are yet to be imposed. Within nine months the Iranians will be immune to an Israeli air strike and Israel will lose the military capability to stop the Shiite bomb. As it will be existentially threatened, the Jewish state will feel obliged to take action. If the West doesn't get its act together at this very last moment, it might soon face the dire consequences of its own impotence.

2012-03-22 00:00:00

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