Arab States Fan Fires in Iraq

(Jerusalem Post) Amir Taheri - Syria is the principal center of pro-Saddam agitation in Iraq. Saddam's cousin, Suleyman al-Majid al-Takriti, is reportedly running a base for the so-called "resistance" across the border in Syria. The first statement of the newly created High Council of Resistance, a grouping of 16 terrorist outfits fighting the Iraqi government, was released in Damascus on Sunday. A recent rumor claiming that Jews were buying large tracts of land in northern Iraq has been traced to a column written by a man whose brother holds a senior post in Egyptian intelligence. Iran and Syria are the most active troublemakers in Iraq today; neither wants to see a pro-American government established in Baghdad, especially if it is the product of free elections.

2004-06-09 00:00:00

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