Fighting Radical Islam

( Edward I. Koch - Last week in Saudi Arabia, terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda took more than 50 foreigners captive at one of the major foreign worker compounds in Khobar. Before Saudi commandos could counterattack, 22 of the hostages were killed, of which nine had their throats cut when they tried to escape. The favorite method of killing infidels - Christians, called "Crusaders" by the terrorists, and Jews - is apparently by ritual throat-slitting. That was done in Pakistan to Danny Pearl and in Iraq to Nicholas Berg, both of whom were videotaped having their throats slit by their killers for worldwide distribution. Where is the worldwide condemnation of these latest killings by the political and religious leaders of Muslim countries? Where are the UN resolutions sponsored by France and Germany condemning what occurred? Can you imagine the denunciations from world leaders if the U.S., Britain, or Israel perpetrated acts even half as savage?

2004-06-04 00:00:00

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