The EnemSaudi Officials Reinforce Crown Prince Abdullah's Accusation that Zionists Are Behind Terror Attacks in Saudi Arabia

(MEMRI) At the Saudi embassy in Washington on June 2, 2004, Adel Al-Jubeir, foreign affairs adviser to Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, was asked: "Crown Prince Abdullah, after the Yunbu attack, said that the Zionist elements were behind the attacks inside the kingdom. And U.S. Ambassador Oberwetter asked for a clarification with Prince Saud. He was told that the Saudis had evidence that radical Zionist elements were financing or may be financing some London-based dissidents who he believed are fomenting the attacks. Can you share with us what radical Zionist elements the Crown Prince and Prince Saud were referring to?" Al-Jubeir: "The individuals in the U.S. who have been very critical of Saudi Arabia, who have called Saudi Arabia the axis of evil or the kernel of evil, who have called for the dismemberment of Saudi Arabia, who have been in touch with Saudis in order to foment problems in Saudi Arabia, who have called for regime change in Saudi Arabia, who have called for the dismemberment of Saudi Arabia, that objective is not much different from Osama bin Laden's objective." On May 6, Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef Abd Al-'Aziz told the Yemenite weekly September 26 that blaming al-Qaeda for attacks in Saudi Arabia does not contradict the words of Crown Prince Abdullah that the Zionists are behind these operations, because Israel and Zionism are behind al-Qaeda, which is responsible for all attacks in Arab countries.

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