A "Quick-Fix" Mentality Makes Matters Worse

(Jerusalem Post) Barry Rubin - Why is it wrong to demand "plans" that will "solve" the region's problems? Because the "quick-fix" mentality has repeatedly worsened and confused the region's situation. Before the Oslo process, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was seen along familiar lines: external aggression and subversive terrorism trying to destroy an existing state, Israel. But Israel, Jews around the world, and the U.S. explained throughout the 1990s that the Palestinians simply wanted their own state and an end to occupation, and if offered, this would make peace. Since it was inconceivable that anyone would reject such benefits, the world concluded that the true bad guys were not really making the offer. Paradoxically, Israel's approach of taking risks and offering concessions for peace ended by transforming the paradigm into the equally familiar one of an evil occupying force brutally suppressing a people that simply wanted self-determination. The issue was no longer seen as extremist aggressors ruthlessly trying to destroy a smaller victim, but as imperialists and colonialists greedily trying to oppress others.

2004-06-04 00:00:00

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