The Return of the Israel Apartheid Week Cult

(National Post-Canada) Jonathan Kay - In Syria, the Assad regime continues to rain artillery on rebel positions in the city of Homs, killing journalists and innocent civilians alike. Iran's mullahs are set to execute a Canadian citizen for the crime of operating a web site they don't like. The new Libyan regime is torturing Gaddafi loyalists. And Egypt's rulers are prosecuting NGO leaders on trumped-up charges. And so next week, Canadian activists will congregate in Toronto to express their hatred of ... Israel. The 8th annual Israel Apartheid Week will take place March 5-9. It is utterly ridiculous to run a week-long event vilifying Israel when right next door in Syria, the government has just exterminated more Arabs than were killed in both Intifidas, the 2008 Gaza conflict, and the 2006 Lebanon war combined.

2012-02-27 00:00:00

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