Lantos Faults Egypt for Rafah Operation

(Jerusalem Post) Etgar Lefkovits - Visiting U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos (D-Cal.) said Monday: "It is self-evident that if Egypt, with its huge military capabilities, would do its job to prevent the smuggling of weapons and if the Palestinian Authority had done its job to maintain security, then there would have been no need for such an incursion [into Gaza]." "It is self-evident that Egypt has all the capability to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza if it so desires to do so, just as Assad could stop terrorists from entering into Iraq if he so willed," Lantos said. "Arafat is a poison in the region...a plague and a pest who has contributed to the tragedy and suffering of Palestinians and Israelis for a long time," Lantos said. "His destructive, irresponsible, and monstrous behavior has brought death and destruction to his people and suicide bombings to Israel. The sooner he fades into oblivion the better off the region will be."

2004-05-25 00:00:00

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