Israel and PA an Island of Calm in a Stormy Middle East

(Makor Rishon, 3Feb12) Asaf Gabor - During a visit to tourist spots in Bethlehem we were greeted by Radar, the proprietor of the Coffee Shop. I asked him if there was much discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "No, we've gotten used to that," Radar answered with a smile. "I talk about the war with Iran. There is something bigger than the individual Jew or Muslim. The whole Middle East is sinking: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria - they are all falling, and the condition of the population is becoming worse and worse." "When you look at their situation, you can't complain about conditions in Israel and the PA. We have the problems of the rich. What is absurd is that all this time they spoke about Israel and the Palestinians, and in the end the quietest and calmest place in the Middle East is right here."

2012-02-10 00:00:00

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