Iran: The Anti-Democracy

[Los Angeles Times] Akbar Ganji - The Islamic Republic of Iran believes it has the right to establish political groups in other countries, such as Lebanon's Hizbullah, the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council and a number of groups in Afghanistan. It openly supports Hamas to the tune of millions of dollars. Yet within its own borders, the Iranian government has stifled all dissent. It has shuttered all opposition media outlets. It does not tolerate any independent organizations, even trade unions. The regime will not accept even nonviolent protest. I was in Tehran's infamous Evin prison from 2000 to 2006. I know what prolonged solidarity confinement can do to a person, and I know the sound of torture. I survived my ordeal in part because global civil society mobilized and pressed for my release. No regime has the right to inflict such indignities on its own people. Those who are not in jail have a moral duty to raise their voice against the detention of all political prisoners.

2007-11-16 01:00:00

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