Expert Says Idaho Internet Sites Linked to Overseas Terrorists

(Idaho Statesman)Patrick Orr - Terrorism expert Reuven Paz told the jury in the Sami Al-Hussayen terrorism trial Wednesday that articles posted on Web sites associated with the former University of Idaho student, including four religious decrees advocating suicide attacks, appeared to be propaganda to help recruit and raise funds for Islamic resistance groups. Paz provided the jury with its first expert testimony on how the Internet is used to provide material support for "extreme jihad" - a holy war by radical terrorist groups against perceived enemies of Islam. "The Internet became the university of global jihad," Paz said, adding that terrorist groups such as Hamas embraced the Internet in the late 1990s to keep a low profile in the Middle East while raising money and drawing recruits from all over the world.

2004-05-21 00:00:00

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