Immigrant Muslims Surprised at Wahhabi Domination of U.S. Mosques

(Tech Central Station) Stephen Schwartz - Immigrant Muslims in the U.S., until very recently, seldom expected to find American Islam operating under the thumb of the "Wahhabi lobby." Most of them knew an Islam in which Saudi-backed Wahhabism sought to make inroads, but encountered considerable resistance from traditional Islam. When they got to America, they discovered that Islam is completely dominated by Wahhabism in only two major countries in the world: Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Some 80% of the main mosques in America are controlled by Saudi Wahhabis. Back home, from Morocco to Malaysia, the ordinary Muslim could attend a normal mosque and avoid Wahhabism. Here in the U.S., Wahhabism and its variants seemed to be shoved down the believers' throats. When anti-Wahhabi factions organize to take their mosques back, violence or the threat of it is often the result.

2004-05-19 00:00:00

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