AIPAC Policy Conference - Remarks by the House Republican Leader

[AIPAC] John Boehner - The enemies of America and Israel are the same. And the rise of radical Islamic fundamentalism has real security implications for both nations. And the same ideology that's been at work to destroy Israel is the same ideology attempting to destroy America and its allies. We didn't start this war with radical Islam. They started the war with us. A lot of people believe that America wasn't involved in this until the attacks of 9/11. But look at what happened in Tehran in 1979, when they took 400 of our hostages in Iran. Look at what happened in Beirut in 1983, when radical Islam attacked our Marine barracks. Somalia in 1993. The Khobar Towers attack in 1996. Our two embassies that were bombed in 1998 in Africa. The USS Cole off the coast of Yemen. All attacked by radical Islamic fundamentalists, intent on bringing war to America. The rise of radical Islamic fundamentalism continues to grow throughout the world. And it's not just growing in the Middle East. It's growing in Europe, it's growing in Asia and it's growing in Africa. People are being taught to hate Israel and to hate America, and they're being raised this way and they're raising armies of people to take us on. And they don't believe that we have the fortitude to stand up and to protect Israel, or the fortitude, as Americans, to stand up and protect ourselves.

2007-03-16 01:00:00

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