Nigeria's Turmoil: Even Moderate Muslims Fear Sharia Push

(Dallas Morning News) Editorial - Ahmed Sani, the governor of Zamfara in Nigeria, announced the second phase of his plan to institute sharia, or Islamic law. He ordered the destruction of all Christian churches and non-Islamic places of worship, in accord with what he believes is his duty to subjugate infidels. A loss of Nigeria to the Islamists would be a strategic calamity for the U.S. Washington should do all it can to help the federal government combat the Talibanization of the country. That includes leaning on the government of Saudi Arabia, our purported ally in the war on terror, to cut off the flow of cash to Islamists in Nigeria. In February, Nigerian security forces arrested a Sudanese Muslim businessman who heads a Saudi-funded charity in a northern Nigerian state and charged him with transferring millions of dollars to a Wahhabi cleric there. The cleric used the money, authorities allege, to foment a deadly anti-Christian uprising.

2004-05-06 00:00:00

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