Terror Attacks Targeting Israeli-Palestinian "Islands of Sanity"

(CNSNews.com) Julie Stahl - There has been an escalation in attempts by terrorists during the last few months to strike at "islands of sanity" - the Erez crossing point and Industrial Zone in the Gaza Strip - where Israelis and Palestinians have continued to work together despite the troubles, IDF Spokeswoman Brig. Gen. Ruth Yaron said Tuesday. As terrorism was raging around it, the Erez Industrial Park with 170 Israeli and Palestinian factories "was feeding tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza," she said. Thousands more crossed through the Erez checkpoint daily to go to work in Israel. In the last few months, 14 people have been killed at Erez, including four Israeli security guards who were killed by a female suicide bomber. Yaron also pointed to the Karni crossing point, where the Army discovered two explosives belts in the last few days. "The terrorist organizations are aiming specifically at those points where...Israeli society and Palestinian society [are] meeting," Yaron said.

2004-05-06 00:00:00

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