Arabs Scared of the Truth

(Ynet News) Nizar Amer - Many Arab leaders utilize the Palestinian issue as a means to sowing fear among their own peoples. The greater the oppression and deprivation of human rights, the greater the scaremongering. The media under these dark regimes refer to the Jewish state as the "Zionist enemy," lest the simple folk get confused and perceive Israel as a friendly, peace-seeking state. The historical truth shows that Israel fought wars that were forced upon it by those who convinced themselves that Israel is simply fiction, a fleeting phenomenon that shall quickly disappear from the Middle East's map. In practice, this tiny state scored one victory after another, proving that it is entrenched deep in this soil. Israel is being accused of drawing out the negotiations and lacking a genuine, honest will to secure peace among its leaders and citizens. But don't Israel's peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan attest to its serious intentions? Israel gave up, for peace, the Sinai Peninsula (an area three times Israel's size and rich with natural resources). In an Egyptian TV interview, after five and a half years in captivity, Gilad Shalit chose to express his hope that the conflict shall end. On the other hand, released Palestinian prisoners announced their commitment to continuing terrorism and bloodshed. The Arab world is still in love with zealous words and mindless attacks: impassioned calls, baseless threats, and the flexing of muscles. The time has come to abandon the path of hatred and exploit the opportunities for peace via negotiations, because there is no other way. The writer is Spokesman and Director of Public Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

2011-12-08 00:00:00

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