Egypt: We've Heard What the Majority Thinks

(PJ Media) Barry Rubin - Let's figure out what the voting in Egypt means. Basically, nationalism has collapsed completely. Liberalism is weak. Moderate Muslims are few. Radical Islamism is the only game in town. Many Western journalists insist that the Egyptian people don't want an Islamist state. Of course they do! We are seeing the democratic election of a dictatorship. By the time the election is finished, there should be an easy two-thirds majority for an Islamist constitution. Still, the Muslim Brotherhood will be cautious. It doesn't want to scare people at home and internationally (it wants foreign aid and investment). Not especially wise people will conclude that the Brotherhood wants to be moderate because it doesn't want to join up with the Salafists. No - it just doesn't want to share power.

2011-12-07 00:00:00

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