Egyptian Journalist: Peace Treaty with Israel Won't Be Revoked

(Ynet News) Roee Nahmias - "Tell the Israeli public that they can relax. An Islamic government should not bother them, nor the statements their candidates make on TV - these are only meant to draw public opinion due to the elections," Egyptian academic and journalist Mounir Mahmoud told Ynet on Sunday. Mahmoud stressed that "the peace treaty will not be canceled," adding that "there is not a single decent man in Egypt that says the post-revolution regime would go back on its bilateral agreements and national obligations." "Egypt's moderate nature will not change; the true understanding that we have is that the Muslim faith is a bridge between God and the people, but not a tool to dictate people's way of life - we cannot digest radicalism," he said.

2011-12-05 00:00:00

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