Israel Warns of Terrorists with Nuclear Weapons, Armed by Iran

(CNN) Fareed Zakaria - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told CNN on Sunday: "The IAEA report has had a sobering impact on many world leaders, as well as the public....People understand now that Iran is determined to reach nuclear weapons....And that should be stopped." "And under a nuclear Iran, the whole region will turn nuclear - Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt will have to turn nuclear. The countdown toward nuclear materials in the hands of terrorists will start." "But, more than this, they will use the nuclear umbrella to intimidate neighbors all around the Gulf, to sponsor terror. Try to think what happens...three years downstream, and you end up with a Bahrain overwhelmed by Iran. Who will come to the rescue?" "Who would have come to rescue Kuwait when it was taken by Saddam Hussein 20 years ago, if Saddam could have said credibly enough that he has three or four crude nuclear devices?"

2011-11-21 00:00:00

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