Sharon-Bush Plan Isn't the Last Word

(Los Angeles Times) Dennis Ross - Did Bush dramatically transform Washington's positions on peace, as the Palestinians are now saying? Did he surrender the traditional U.S. role as an honest broker by tilting overwhelmingly to the Israeli side? Did he close off the possibility of future Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by determining the outcome in advance? I think not. A closer look at what Bush actually committed to suggests that there can be no final borders drawn without Palestinian approval. Palestinians will be free to insist on arrangements, including territorial compensation, to make a final agreement acceptable to them. Building on the Sharon initiative is critical. For the last three years there has been no peace process, only a dialogue of violence. The Sharon initiative at least creates the possibility for unfreezing the situation. In the months ahead, those Palestinians who don't seek a radical Islamist future must rise to the challenge, assuming responsibility for security and good government.

2004-04-16 00:00:00

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