Photos Don't Show Israel's Side of Conflict

(Los Angeles Times) Yuval Rotem - The two-page photo editorial, "A Line in the Sand" (March 29), would have us believe that the only people being affected by the fence are the Palestinians. You have presented your judgment that Israel's anti-terror fence is somehow worse than the brutal murder of nearly 1,000 Israeli civilians and the maiming of nearly 6,300 people. The next time Israeli rescue workers are forced to collect bodies and body parts, the next time doctors spend hours removing the shrapnel of a nail-laced bomb from a 5-year-old, or the next time a father buries his pregnant wife gunned down on one of Israel's highways, I hope the Times will reevaluate its shallow, one-dimensional, and inaccurate presentation of this conflict. The writer is Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles.

2004-04-01 00:00:00

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