Stop Using Children

(Washington Post) Richard Cohen - If there is such a thing as a citizen's arrest, then there ought to be such a thing as a citizen's UN resolution. I propose a UN resolution condemning the PA, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad for using naive and addled children as suicide bombers. I am waiting for France, Spain, Russia, and other European governments to sign it. The use of dopey kids as suicide bombers is clearly abhorrent. It is child abuse combined with murder. I have endorsed every peace plan that has come along and long ago supported a Palestinian state, but in the past several years, the reasons for Israel's founding have been brushed aside in a frenzied, mindless dash to demonize one side in this conflict. The UN's proclivity to blame Israel for everything and the Palestinians for nothing - not even for repeatedly rejecting every peace plan offered them - reduces it to irrelevance. What would these nations do with a society that exalts martyrdom and sends children to die in an effort to kill other children? These are criminal acts. I want the UN to condemn Palestinian terrorism, specifically suicide bombers and, most specifically, the use of confused and sad kids for that purpose. If you cannot condemn the murder of innocents, especially by children, then you have no business condemning anything else.

2004-03-31 00:00:00

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