Hamas Sheikh Earned His Violent Death

(Detroit News) Editorial - Israel scored a victory in the global war on terrorism Monday by finally dispatching Sheik Ahmed Yassin. The death of the cleric, one of the most deadly men in the world, brings a welcome end to a career built entirely on perfecting the use of terror to influence the political process. He was the criminal mastermind behind Hamas, recruiting pitifully gullible Palestinians to strap on suicide bombs and aiming them at innocent Israeli civilians. He was responsible for picking the places where the bombs went off, and frequently his targets were selected to intentionally kill and maim Jewish children. This man was as evil as they come, a spiritual brother of Osama bin Laden. He worked to subvert every attempt to bring peace to the region and had openly committed himself to the destruction of the Jewish state. Yassin was not a political leader; he headed a terrorist organization. There is no distinction between what Hamas does in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and what al-Qaeda did in New York on September 11 and is suspected of doing in Madrid earlier this month. Yassin got exactly what was coming to him. Israel owes no apologies for his death.

2004-03-24 00:00:00

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