Why Israel Targeted Ahmad Yassin

(Israel Foreign Ministry) - Hamas constitutes a primary element in the fabric of global terrorism, and has developed extensive ties with other terrorist groups around the world. Yassin took advantage of his spiritual influence to indoctrinate his followers to commit hundreds of barbaric murders. The ruthless attacks he inspired and personally approved include: The June 1, 2001, suicide bombing of a discotheque near Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium, killing 21 young people and wounding 120. The March 27, 2002, suicide bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya. 30 people were killed and 140 injured in the midst of their Passover holiday "Seder" dinner. The June 18, 2002, suicide bombing of a bus carrying students on their way to school in Jerusalem, killing 19 and injuring 74. Yassin was a chilling example of a leader who cynically manipulated his followers and distorted lofty religious principles in order to recruit Palestinians, including children and women, to kill themselves in order to murder hundreds of Israeli civilians. The operation against Yassin was not an act of vengeance. It was part of the ongoing Israeli effort to confront terrorism and its sources. The brutal Hamas terrorist campaign is aimed at killing as many Israelis as possible, in the pursuit of the ultimate Hamas goal of bringing about Israel's destruction. Whoever is involved in the planning, orchestration, execution or leadership of terrorism must understand that Israel will not sit idly by and wait for the next suicide bomber to appear on the streets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The government of Israel - like any other government - bears a fundamental responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens from the threat of terrorism. While continuing its counter-terrorist operations, Israel will, at the same time, persevere in its efforts to arrive at a political solution based upon the implementation of the Roadmap. Peace can only be achieved once the Palestinian leadership confronts the terrorists in its midst, and renounces the use of violence as a tool to resolve political disagreements. Israel has offered the Palestinians hope of achieving their aspirations, and has extended its hand in peace. Yet, it has received only an onslaught of terrorism in return. Today, Israel faces an ever-increasing terrorist threat, and in the face of this threat, Israel will continue to defend itself.

2004-03-22 00:00:00

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