Textbooks for Jihad

(FrontPageMag.com) Lee Kaplan - Prestigious American textbook publishers such as Prentice-Hall, Simon and Schuster, TCI, and others are educating your child to the "Arab point of view" and its aspirations of world domination. Gilbert T. Sewell of the American Textbook Council, a non-profit that reviews history textbooks, recently submitted a report that reviewed the teaching of Islam in most of our children's history textbooks. He discovered that sections concerning Islam in books distributed by the main U.S. publishers have been sanitized. In general, current or past events about Islam are not reported accurately for the sake of "political correctness," while Arab and Palestinian political goals are strongly promoted. Teacher's Curriculum Institute's Modern Middle East curriculum unit is blatantly anti-Israeli, with "exercises" pitting some students in roles as advantaged Jews against other students as disadvantaged and unfairly treated Palestinian Arabs. The TCI material turns Middle East history on its head. It does not present the history of Arab terrorism against Israel, much less outline its extent over the last 55 years. The theme is constantly reiterated that Israel is a foreign entity that stole the Palestinians' "country."

2004-03-19 00:00:00

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