Lies Told about Israel Are Beyond Belief

(Times-South Africa) Benjamin Pogrund - Yelling slogans to the effect that "Israel is apartheid" and "Zionism is racism" doesn't make any of it true. No one objects to Saudi Arabia having only Muslims as citizens. No one objects to Pakistan and Iran and others declaring themselves an "Islamic state." They are ethnic states. Yet why is the "Jewish state" singled out for condemnation? Arabs are 20% of Israel's population. They have the vote and all citizenship rights. The bottom line is that in Israel there is nothing remotely like South African apartheid. A flood of anti-Israel propaganda is about to pour over South Africa through the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. The "International People's Tribunal" is theater: the actors know their parts and the result is known before they start. Israel is to be dragged into the mud. The writer was deputy editor of the Rand Daily Mail.

2011-11-04 00:00:00

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