Israel Will Continue to Fight Palestinian Terror with All Its Might

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon - Addressing the Knesset on Monday, Prime Minister Sharon said: Ten months have elapsed since the Government of Israel accepted the "Roadmap" together with the 14 Israeli reservations. During this entire period, Israel was willing to extend a hand to its Palestinian neighbors, and act together with them to implement the "Roadmap" in all its stages. Unfortunately, the attempts at attacks, the terror, the violence, and the incitement have not ceased during this period, even for a day, and the leadership on the Palestinian side has not taken any steps to stop these actions. The Palestinians must understand that the only way they will live in security and peace will be if they fight the terror, violence, and incitement which originate in their area. Until the Palestinians understand that their interest obligates them to stop the terror, Israel is forced to act according to its own discretion. Israel will continue to fight Palestinian terror with all its might. We will pursue the terrorists, their dispatchers, those who finance them, and those who sponsor them. No murderer, no villain who raises his hand against a Jew or against any Israeli citizen, will escape. The terror attack Sunday in Ashdod strengthens the understanding that there is no leader on the Palestinian side with the courage and ability to fight terror. Soon it will become clear to the world that Israel has no genuine partner for peace on the Palestinian side. Therefore, also in the political arena, Israel will have to act according to its own discretion.

2004-03-16 00:00:00

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