Avoid the "Grand Solution" Temptation

[Jerusalem Post] Gerald M. Steinberg - The rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the revival of the 2002 Saudi-Arab League initiative, is not the result of a sudden outbreak of mutual understanding or the dedicated work of special Middle East peace envoys. Rather, the cause is rational self-interest. The Saudi monarchy, in concert with Egypt, Jordan and other Sunni Arab regimes, views Shi'ite power, led by the triumphant revolutionary government in Iran attempting to acquire nuclear weapons, as the greatest threat to its survival. Under these circumstances, a strengthened strategic relationship with the U.S. and a tacit alliance with Israel against Iran are vital for the Saudi and "moderate" Arab regimes. Beyond shared strategic concerns regarding Iran, the time is long overdue for Saudi leaders - political and religious - to end support for incitement and anti-Semitism.

2007-03-15 01:00:00

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