In Gaza, the Tunnels Lead to Death

(Toronto Star) Mitch Potter - According to IDF battalion commander Lt.-Col. Adam, the Palestinians build tunnels to maintain their weapons supply. "A few years ago they were quite crude, but now they come wired for electricity and ventilation, with tracks and winches to pull the supplies across from Egypt." One year ago, the IDF completed work on a new corrugated steel barrier that plunged at least 5 meters beneath the surface. The Palestinian response was to tunnel even deeper, to depths of as much as 30 meters below ground. "What we're finding now is that the newest tunnels don't even have an apparent opening. The tunnel is created with the entrance inside a house in Rafah, then sealed off with concrete and freshly tiled overtop," said Adam. "When they get the signal that the shipment is inside the tunnel, they break it open and transport everything in a single night. And then it is resealed."

2004-03-04 00:00:00

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