Syria May Attack Israel If West Intervenes

(Washington Post) Liz Sly - The Syrian government is convinced that the West will not dare intervene militarily, as it did in Libya, despite pleas from the protest movement for it to do so. "Syria has a strong army, and Syria is not alone," said Bassem Abu Abdullah, a professor of international affairs at Damascus University and a member of the dominant Baath Party. "Attacking Syria means regional war, because we will attack Israel directly. Hizbullah will participate. Iran will participate. This is not in the interests of Europe and America." Protests erupt on a regular basis, even in Damascus. On a government-escorted visit to the Midan neighborhood, a soldier who had defected in Homs was being buried, and his funeral procession was accompanied by a noisy anti-government demonstration. The crowd of several hundred young men chanted: "The people want the execution of the president!" The rage, energy and determination were palpable, suggesting that these young men, who have been taking to the streets on a regular basis since March, will not soon tire of their efforts to topple the regime.

2011-10-31 00:00:00

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