The Fence and Palestinians

(Washington Times) Editorial - Israel's West Bank security barrier would leave 1.9 million Palestinians - approximately 94% of the Palestinian population of the West Bank - east of the fence. Another 99,000 Palestinians would live in enclaves west of the fence, which would be connected to the West Bank by underpasses or checkpoints. When the population of these enclaves is added to the total of those located east of the fence, more than 99% of the Palestinian population would be living in land available for a future Palestinian state if Israel goes ahead with the defense plan. We believe the defense barrier is a necessary, prudent Israeli response to terror. The critical challenge is finding a way to build it that mitigates hardship for Palestinians and does not prevent the creation of an independent state next to Israel once Palestinians are prepared to act against terror.

2004-02-20 00:00:00

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