Carter Aside, Israel Deserves Total Support

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution] Jim Wooten - When Carter loyalists such as former Ambassador William B. Schwartz Jr., scholars such as Kenneth Stein and Melvin Konner, public people never given to impetuousness such as former state Rep. Cathey Steinberg and former DeKalb CEO Liane Levetan, and others whose contributions to the betterment of this state and nation are renown, walk away from the most important figure most of them will ever know, the world should take notice. And ask why. "[Carter] has become a spokesman for the enemies of my people. He has become an apologist for terrorists," wrote Konner. Carter's book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid chooses sides with harmful and lasting consequence. For me this is not a time to be equivocal, either about Iraq, Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas or our commitments to friends who believe in our word. For my part, there can be no "balance" in U.S. policy in the region. Retreating from Gaza in the summer of 2005, Israel did something this country would never have done, sending 25,000 soldiers to haul 8,500 of its citizens from their abodes, sacrificing their homes and land to the prospect of peace. What did they get in return? A rain of missiles. We have one permanent friend in the region and that is Israel.

2007-01-15 01:00:00

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