The Egyptian Military's Crimes Against Humanity

(Hudson Institute-New York) Raymond Ibrahim - On Sunday, the Egyptian military opened fire on thousands of Christians protesting in Cairo. In the words of one Christian eyewitness, armored vehicles "came at great speed and drove into the crowds, going backwards and forwards, mowing people under their wheels." The Western mainstream media is giving the impression that the conflict consisted of equal violence and equal intolerance from both the military and "militant" Christians - perfectly in line with their obsession never to portray Muslims as aggressors. Meanwhile, back in the real world, eye-witnesses are describing these events as "war crimes" perpetrated by an Islamist-inclined regime against the nation's native Christians. Why were Christians protesting in the first place? Days ago, thousands of Muslims attacked and destroyed yet another church, in Edfu - following the New Year church attack, which left 23 dead, the destruction and desecration of the ancient church in Sool, and the Imbaba attacks, which saw several churches set aflame. In the recent Edfu church attack, the Intelligence Unit chief of the region was seen directing the mob destroying the church. The governor appeared on state TV and justified the incident by arguing that the church contractor made the building three meters higher than he permitted: "Copts made a mistake and had to be punished, and Muslims did nothing but set things right, end of story."

2011-10-11 00:00:00

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